martine devin communication - Nantes
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Our missions

Our values

Insure promotion and communication of brands and products

Develop image and notoriety of company brands and range of services

Our knowledge

We work so that our client's Brands and Products are evoked in themes articles of press and, so that we position them as references for those articles

By bringing to journalists those informations necessary to build their articles, we enable our clients, without publicity space cost, to

  • Develop their notoriety towards consumers, readers of Press,
  • Promote their know-how in public mind,
  • An so, increase their sale volume

Our missions

To animate the press relation's strategy of our clients

Propose files ideas

Select the most adapted illustrations to promote selected products

Create, realize, diffuse and exploit press files toward the development of thoses products

Answer to journalist's questions following publication

To provide further informations and visuals adapted to their redaction work

To be the permanent contact of our clients and the press

Hold the press-book of publications and diffuse them to our clients

We participate in photo stylism about the new products, on client's demand

Press relations agency founded in 1991, specialized in house furnitures, decoration and buildings